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Implementation Options

Lean Vision offers help with implementation of Lean Manufacturing on four levels:

Action workshops and training classes
For companies wishing to learn the application of Lean tools such as 5S, SMED, TPM or implement a quick action Kaizen in a pilot area, we offer courses and workshops. Each class is customized to the client's requirement.

Our expert consultants are ready to analyze your operation, suggest improvements and help with implementation

Lean Manufacturing Implementation Project
For companies interested in a holistic approach to Lean Manufacturing implementation we offer a continuous improvement program called IMPULS (Innovation, Methodology, Process, Us, Lift, Success). It combines the above described training elements with development of policy and strategy and forming program structures to guide in the lean implementation. A typical intervention period varies from 12 to 24 months, depending on the size of the company size and project complexity.

For companies wishing to train a larger number of employees (typically more than 100) we offer a Train-the-Trainer Program that certifies internal Trainers in Lean tools. The program allows a company to train most of its employees using internal resources and allows for substantial savings in comparison with using an outside firm. Read more about Train-the-Trainer.

IMPULS Program

Innovation – a new philosophy of work organization
Methodology – a tested "turn-key" approach
Process – focus on improving processes
Us – participation of all employees
Lift – motivation to achieve
Success – attainment of measurable goals

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